The Japan Association of National Universities has summarized the points of discussion on legal system reforms to promote the strengthening of the functions of national universities, and expressed the view that institutional reforms to promote the integration of universities are necessary.As the social environment changes drastically due to the globalization of society and the arrival of the 100-year life era, cooperation between universities and the introduction of a multi-university system for one national university should be promoted.

 According to the discussion points, regarding the integration of national universities, the introduction of a partial clerical union in which multiple universities jointly carry out part of the work, the investment in a joint-stock company that jointly carries out clerical work, the independent legal personality, and education and research. Reforms were needed, such as making it possible to establish a corporation that promotes cooperation between universities and other institutions that promotes cooperation between office work and office work.

 Regarding cooperation between universities, he pointed out that differences in financial systems and the inability to budget for the cooperation system itself are obstacles to cooperation between national, public and private universities, and appealed for the construction of a mechanism to support cooperation. rice field.In order to collaborate with the voices of local governments and local industries, it is essential to create a system that can be used in combination with various financial support.

 Regarding the one-corporation multi-university system, the aim is to strengthen education and research, and if each university decides that it is necessary to introduce it, it is indispensable to establish a system that enables it.

Reference: [Japan Association of National Universities]Regarding the publication of "Organization / Governance that Promotes the Enhancement of National Universities and the Way of Law / System Revision that Contributes to it (Arrangement of Issues)" (PDF)

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