Azabu University will hold a research results presentation on March 2023, 3 (Saturday) for the "Research Program on Life and Coexistence," in which high school students and university teachers will take on the challenge of research together as part of the "Educational Program to Bring Out the Pegs Protruding from Azabu University." ).

 Azabu University's educational program to bring out the stakes that stick out is a high school-university collaboration program that builds an organic collaboration system for high school students, undergraduates, and graduate students, and allows them to further utilize their individual abilities. With “practical experience without answers” ​​as the central axis, from high school students to the lower grades of university and even higher grades, by working on “true research” science literacy such as problem finding and solving skills and competency through group work It is intended to lead to the improvement of

 The “Research Program for Life and Coexistence” is one of the activities, and students and teachers from Nitobe Bunka High School, Meisei High School, and Kanagawa Prefectural Yokosuka High School (in alphabetical order), which have signed a high school-university partnership agreement with Azabu University, and Azabu University faculty team up to deepen their understanding of familiar questions and issues, and search for clues to their solutions.

 At the research results presentation, each school presents the results of research that has been carried out for half a year to a year.In addition, students from Azabu University's Animal Symbiosis Science Generalist Development Program research project are scheduled to make interim presentations on their ongoing research.

 The titles of the presentations at Nitobe Bunka High School were "(tentative title) Producing aromas from waste materials" and "(tentative title) Educational effects of a workshop to think about the future of the sea from fish."Myojo Senior High School presented "Evaluation of the economic value of biodiversity using familiar examples (participation impressions)" and "Fuchu City Bird Damage Report: Proposals from High School Students for Coexistence between Birds and Humans."Yokosuka Prefectural High School is planning to present a report on "clarification of the differences in reactions that dogs show to their owners and strangers" and "visualization of the infectivity of the virus."

 In addition, 1st and 2nd year students of Azabu University in the animal symbiosis science generalist training program said, "Improvement of human well-being by urban development through dogs" and "Searching for antiviral drugs from compounds made by microorganisms living in animals." "Distinguishing the sex of birds that cannot be distinguished by appearance", "One health to explore from urban raccoon dogs", "Can food alleviate allergy symptoms?"

 The research result presentation will be held on Saturday, March 3th from 25:10 to 12:8 at the Centennial Hall on the 7th floor of Building No. XNUMX, Azabu University.Anyone can participate for free and can be viewed online.For online, pre-registration is required.

Reference: [Azabu University] Press release: High school x university “Research program on life and coexistence research results presentation” will be held

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