On March 2023, 3 (Sunday), Tohoku University Faculty of Engineering will hold a special lecture "Tohoku University Faculty of Engineering in Tokyo" at Hitotsubashi Auditorium in Chiyoda Ward to let high school students, technical college students, and prospective students know the appeal of the Faculty of Engineering. do.There is no membership fee.

 The event "Tohoku University Faculty of Engineering in Tokyo" has been postponed since 2020 due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, but it will be held for the first time in four years.On the day of the event, five professors from five departments of the Faculty of Engineering took the podium.In addition to introducing the world's most advanced research that each of them is pursuing, we will convey the excitement of research and the appeal of Tohoku University.The scheduled lectures are as follows.

"Neurorobotics - Robotics learned from human movement -" Professor Mitsuhiro Hayashibe, Department of Mechanical Intelligence and Aeronautical Engineering
“Thinking about Architecture from the World Expo and the Olympics: Experimental Sites for New Designs and Structures” Professor Taro Igarashi, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
"Chemistry and carbon neutrality: Let's deliver technology to society through systemization" Professor Yasuhiro Fukushima, Department of Chemistry and Bioengineering
"New Manufacturing by Additive Manufacturing and Materials Science -Modern Industrial Revolution-" Professor Naoyuki Nomura, Department of Materials Science and Engineering
"People sing and machines listen. Machines sing and people listen." Professor Akinori Ito, Department of Electrical, Information and Physics Engineering

 In addition, as a special project, a “consultation corner for high school girls and parents” was established.Active female university and graduate students, female teachers, and female seniors who have graduated and are active in society gather to answer various questions from high school students and their parents.There will also be an entrance examination consultation corner, a student life consultation corner, an exchange/consultation corner with students from each department, and a document distribution corner.

 "Tohoku University Faculty of Engineering in Tokyo" will be held on March 3 (Sun) from 26:10 to 30:17 (doors open at 30:9) at the 45nd floor of the Hitotsubashi Auditorium in Hitotsubashi, Chiyoda-ku.Anyone who is interested in Tohoku University's Faculty of Engineering, including high school students, prospective students, parents, and high school teachers can apply. Third-year junior high school students who are planning to enter high school in April are also welcome to participate.Participation is free of charge, but advance registration is required and will be closed as soon as the capacity is reached.

reference:[Tohoku University Graduate School of Engineering / Faculty of Engineering] Notice of holding a special lecture "Tohoku University Faculty of Engineering in Tokyo" for high school students (March 3)

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