Preferred Networks (PFN, Tokyo, President Toru Nishikawa), a venture IT company from the University of Tokyo, has formed a capital tie-up with major electrical equipment manufacturer FANUC (Oshino Village, Yamanashi Prefecture, President Yoshiharu Inaba) to develop robots and machine learning technology. We have started joint research for fusion.We would like to finish some prototypes of on-site equipment such as robots and sensors with learning ability by next spring.

According to FANUC, through a capital alliance, FANUC invested 9 million yen in PFN and acquired 6% of the shares issued by PFN.In the future, we will proceed with joint research and apply the machine learning and deep learning technologies developed by PFN to FANUC's robots and machine tool sensors.While robots and sensors learn and cooperate by themselves, they also learn how to cooperate by themselves to discover and compensate for defects.
The intelligentization of equipment will enable us to promote unprecedented levels of automation in the field of manufacturing.In addition, robots are expected to have various effects such as image recognition, higher accuracy of preventive maintenance, and simplification of motion teaching, and many technological innovations can be realized.

Attention is focused on the wave of major technological innovations that will support the next-generation manufacturing industry, such as Industry 4 from Germany, which is said to be the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and IoT from the United States, which is called the Internet of Things.However, the amount of data has increased dramatically, and how to utilize the large amount of collected data and how to process it in real time have become major issues.
Therefore, both companies should collaborate to use machine learning and deep learning as a means to process a large amount of data in real time at a location closer to the machine side and aim for high-level automation at manufacturing sites centered on robots and machine tools. became.Until now, machine learning and deep learning have been increasingly used in cyberspace, but they have not been applied at manufacturing sites.

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