Haruka Sakamoto, a researcher at the University of Tokyo, and Peter Ueda, a visiting researcher at the University of Tokyo, conducted a nationwide survey on the sexual behavior of Japanese people online. Satisfaction was also found to be low.

 The survey targeted 20 men and women aged 49-8000 living in Japan, stratified by gender to reflect the Japanese population, and weighted with respect to age, marital status, and region of residence. An analysis was performed.In addition, it is a novel survey that targets people of all sexual orientations, not just those of the opposite sex.

Regarding sexual experience, 15.3% of women and 19.8% of men answered that they had never had a sexual partner in their lifetime.It is said that the percentage of people who have never had sexual intercourse is increasing year by year in Europe and the United States, but even in comparison, the percentage in Japan is at a high level. answered that they had no experience of sexual intercourse).

1% of women and 45.3% of men did not have a sexual partner in the past year, which is significantly higher than in other developed countries About 44.5% of both men and women responded), and it was also revealed that sexual activity is inactive in Japan.1% of women and 20% of men said they were dissatisfied with their sex life, which was also higher than in other countries.

On the other hand, in Japan, the use of the sex industry is overwhelmingly higher than in other countries, with 4.0% of women and 48.3% of men answering that they have ever used the sex industry about 10% of men and less than 1% of women; and in the UK, sex industry use in the past five years is in the range of 5-3% for men and almost zero for women).

 In general, it was revealed that Japan has less sexual experience and satisfaction with sexual intercourse than other countries.In this way, clarifying the actual state of Japanese sexual orientation and sexual activity will provide important information for designing and evaluating intervention methods for solving social issues related to sexual health.

Paper information:[Journal of Sex Research] Sexual Behaviors among individuals aged 20-49 in Japan: Initial Findings from a Quasi-Representative National Survey, 2022

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