Keio University, in collaboration with packaging machine manufacturer Tokyo Automobile Machinery Works (President Haruo Yamamoto, Tokyo), has developed a "leak inspection machine" that instantly detects incompletely sealed food packaging.As for the inspection machine, a prototype will be exhibited for reference at the Japan International Packaging Machinery Exhibition held at Tokyo Big Sight in Koto-ku, Tokyo, and an inspection demonstration will be shown.

According to Keio University, the leak inspection machine was jointly developed by Seiichiro Katsura Laboratory of the Faculty of Science and Technology and Tokyo Automobile Machinery Works with the support of the Research Results Optimal Deployment Support Program of the Japan Science and Technology Agency.It consists of a servo motor and a program that extracts reaction force, and it can analyze reaction force data when the bag is pushed by the motor and detect incomplete products instantly.As a result of the verification, it was found that it has a high-speed processing capacity that can detect 800 holes with a diameter of 80 microns per minute.The diameter of 800 microns is one-third the size of conventional detection technology, and the detection accuracy is significantly improved.

Insufficient sealing of food packaging can lead to rapid deterioration of the quality of the food inside due to oxidation and moisture absorption.Until now, in the food production line, incomplete packaging was often found by sampling inspection, but this will enable us to handle all product inspections, which will greatly help prevent the outflow of defective products.In the future, verification for commercialization will be promoted on the actual food production line.

Keio University

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