On March 2023, 3, the University of Tokyo and Teikyo University signed a comprehensive agreement to promote research collaboration and cooperation between the two universities.

 Universities, as engines of Japan's growth, are required to cooperate and cooperate in research cooperation, personnel exchange, and human resource development beyond the boundaries of national and private establishments, while making the most of their individual strengths and characteristics.The University of Tokyo and Teikyo University have long been engaged in research cooperation and personnel exchanges, taking advantage of the convenience of their location in the city center. We aim to contribute to the formation of a better future society by cultivating diverse human resources while aiming to expand academic fields such as

 Collaboration and cooperation are promoted in the following four items: "research cooperation such as joint research," "human resource exchange," "human resource development," and "other cooperation necessary to achieve the objectives of this agreement."Specific efforts include joint research, personnel exchanges, and personnel training centered on the International Research Center for Neurointelligence (IRCN) of the University of Tokyo and the Advanced Research Organization of Teikyo University (ACRO) in the fields of brain science and neurointelligence.In other fields as well, we aim to contribute to the promotion of science and technology and to the local and international communities by actively developing collaborative activities in fields that make the most of the strengths and characteristics of both universities as comprehensive universities.

Reference: [The University of Tokyo] Conclusion of Comprehensive Agreement on Collaboration and Cooperation between National University Corporation Tokyo University and Teikyo University Educational Corporation (Announcement)

Tokyo University

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The University of Tokyo was established in 1877 (Meiji 10) by integrating the Tokyo Kaisei School and the Tokyo Medical School.Since its establishment, it has developed education and research in a unique way in the world as a leading university in Japan and an academic center for the fusion of East and West cultures.As a result, many human resources have been produced in a wide range of fields, and many research achievements […]

Teikyo University

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A comprehensive university with a wide range of fields, including 5 faculties, 10 departments in liberal arts, science and engineering, and medical science, on 32 campuses (Itabashi, Hachioji, Utsunomiya, Fukuoka, Kasumigaseki).At Teikyo University, there is an environment where each student's talents can be blossomed and the future of "my own style" can be found.Acquire logical thinking through practice "Practical science [...]

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