One Career Co., Ltd., which operates the job hunting site "ONE CAREER", has announced the "University of Tokyo and Kyoto University 24 Job Hunting Popularity Ranking".The survey target is students who are enrolled in the University of Tokyo, Kyoto University, or the same graduate school and are scheduled to graduate in 2024 among the users of “ONE CAREER”.The number of valid responses was 3,897.


 The keywords for the places of employment that students graduating in 2024 want are "excellent job change experience", "no transfer", and "promise of assignment". Japanese companies tend to rank higher than foreign-affiliated companies in March, when job-hunting for students who want to work for major Japanese companies gets into full swing.The popularity of general trading companies and consulting firms has not changed this time.

 Regarding NTT DATA, which was ranked 7th among them, one of the students said, "Since there are people who have changed jobs to foreign consulting companies and Japanese business companies, I felt that it would be easy to connect to a second career." I saw your comment.The fact that the work location is centered in the Tokyo metropolitan area and there is little risk of relocation also led to support. Similar to the 10th place Sony Group, it can be said that the selection course is divided for each assignment.Abundant job change experience, no relocations, and assignments are guaranteed.In the background of the support for such companies, we can see the will of the University of Tokyo and Kyoto University students, who say, "I don't want my career to be left to the company."

 In addition, although it did not enter the top 10, JR Central ranked 18th, JR East ranked 44th, and Japan Airlines ranked 47th. up.Japan Airlines jumped 40 places from last year.

 Looking at start-up companies, there was a company that did not break into the TOP50 but soared in the ranking. Entertainment companies such as UUUM, which manages YouTubers, and Cover, which operates the VTuber office “Holo Live Production”, are making rapid progress.This is also one of the characteristics of this time.

Reference: [One Career Co., Ltd.] [University of Tokyo and Kyoto University 24 job hunting popularity ranking] “Extensive job change record”, “no transfer”, and “promise of assignment” ranked high.Is there a clear change in career outlook that assumes a career change?

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