Professor Eiji Aramaki of the Graduate School of Advanced Science and Technology, Nara Institute of Science and Technology, has developed a new system called "Illness Testimonials Search," which allows patients to accurately search for stories of their struggles against illnesses that they want to know about in order to support their recuperative life. started to operate.

 According to the Nara Institute of Science and Technology, when searching for books, the disease experience search can be searched not only by the conventional book title, author name, and disease name, but also by the living situation of the author, the course of treatment, and the results. With this system, you can search accurately and easily for free, such as a memoir of a disease.In addition to the memoirs of fighting illnesses that describe personal experiences with illnesses, it is also possible to search for memoirs related to medical treatment in general.
In addition, we regularly conducted a "remember one book survey" to widely solicit books that have helped those who are facing illness, and made it possible to read along with applicants' introductions.

 A diary of a disease fight encourages patients who suffer from the same disease and provides reference information for their struggle against the disease.However, it was often difficult to understand what kind of disease each individual book title was about, and it was difficult to find books that fit the purpose.

reference:[Nara Institute of Science and Technology] Started operation of "Sickness Experience Search" that allows you to accurately search for books related to medical treatment for illnesses you want to know-A system that includes items that meet the information needs of users and expands the range of choices Development ~ (PDF)

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