A research group led by Professor Satoshi Takagi of the Department of Veterinary Medicine, Azabu University, Amata Co., Ltd., and EDUWARD Press Co., Ltd. have announced a veterinary medical training VR software "VETS VR ~Dog Tracheal Intubation~" released in February 2023. , jointly developed "VETS VR - Birth assistance for cows -".

 The veterinary VR teaching material "VETS VR" was jointly developed by Azabu University, which has academic knowledge on veterinary medicine, Amata, which has the latest VR technology, and EDUWARD Press, which has know-how in developing teaching materials. VR software for training.Due to its high operability and realistic texture, even those who operate VR for the first time can easily understand and play with minimal stress.In addition, it supports learners' understanding of "procedures" and "procedures" with a high sense of presence in a high-definition virtual space, and achieves animal welfare* by using VR as a substitute for animals used as training subjects.

 The newly developed "VETS VR ~Cow Delivery Assistance~" is a software that allows you to learn the process from "deduction of dislocation" and "restoration of dislocation" to "delivery" in the same way as in the actual site. ing.Multiple patterns of dislocation are inferred based on the direction of the foot protruding from the vulva, and the fetal presentation is adjusted according to the dislocation pattern in a visualized state along the guide.In addition, you can experience releasing the "hip lock", a condition in which the pelvis of the mother cow and the fetus are caught and cannot be delivered from the mother's body.This software will be introduced in classes at Azabu University from April 2023, 4.It faithfully reproduces the state of the fetus inside the womb, which is normally impossible to see, and enables experiences and learning unique to VR teaching materials.

* Animal Welfare is a breeding method that aims to be close to livestock as sensitive creatures, reduce stress as much as possible from birth to death, and aim for a healthy life. way.

Reference: [Azabu University] VR technology makes it possible to learn about ``cow delivery assistance'' by visualizing the inside of the uterus-Azabu University, Amata, and EDUWARD Press have released the second veterinary VR teaching material, ``VETS VR-cow delivery.'' Joint development of “Kaisuke”

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