Keisen Jogakuen Educational Corporation, which operates Keisen Jogakuen University in Tokyo's Tama City, held a board meeting and decided to stop recruiting undergraduate and graduate students from the 2024 academic year.The school is expected to close this spring, waiting for new students to graduate. Due to the declining population of 18-year-olds and the growing trend toward co-education, the school continued to run out of capacity.

 According to Keisen Jogakuen University, the school opened in 1988.The university has a faculty of humanities and a faculty of human society, and as of May 2022, about 5 students are enrolled.The graduate school consists of the Graduate School of Humanities and the Graduate School of Peace Studies.

 In addition to focusing on experiential learning, the school has attracted the attention of the educational world for its unique educational methods, such as allowing students to experience organic gardening at a farm adjacent to the campus. On the other hand, the number of students remained at about 2022, and due to the declining 290-year-old population and the growing trend toward co-education, the number of students continued to fall short.

 As a result, it has become difficult to maintain the assets of the university sector, and it has come to the conclusion that it has no choice but to close the university.Keisen Jogakuen Junior and Senior High School, which is an integrated junior and senior high school for girls in Setagaya Ward, Tokyo, will continue to operate as before.

reference:[Keisen Jogakuen University] Notice of Suspension of Student Recruitment at Keisen Jogakuen University Graduate School

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At Keisen Jogakuen University, in order to live beautifully as a woman, we strive to improve our ability to live in our own way, "lifetime employment ability," and to open up an independent life for each student.A unique Kariki that allows you to study broadly and deeply beyond the boundaries of the departments by developing a system of 2 faculties, 4 departments, and 11 courses for the future […]

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