Chiba University of Commerce will open a limited-time school "CUC Kids University Summer School 2018" for elementary school students during the summer vacation.

 CUC Kids University is held twice every spring and summer.Efforts to support education and learning by opening language and various sports classes for elementary school students in the neighborhood.As a local university, we are returning the facility environment and educational resources to local children. In 2, it was adopted by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology as an excellent "Lifelong Career Education Program" of the "Contemporary Education Needs Initiative Support Program (Modern GP)".

 "CUC Kids University Summer School 2018" will be held from August 2018th (Monday) to 8th (Wednesday), 6, and the second half: 8th (Monday) to 20nd (Wednesday).There will be four schools: a sports school (badminton, cheerleader, Shorinji Kempo) and a president's school (bookkeeping) to learn about money.All 22 times at each school.The opening hours and target grades vary depending on the school.

 The "President's School to Learn About Money" to be held in the second half of the year is for third graders and above.A lecturer at the university who has a qualification as a certified accountant will teach you the basics of bookkeeping in a game format so that you will like math and calculations more.The tuition fee is 3 yen for 3 days.Those who wish to participate apply from the website of Chiba University of Commerce.The deadline is until 1,500:7 on Monday, July 23rd.

Reference: [Chiba University of Commerce] CUC Kids University Summer School 2018

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