Keio University has decided to increase the amount of "Academic Scholarships" for people from rural areas from FY2012, which is a non-repayment-free benefit type that has been in operation since FY2019.As a result, some faculties will be able to enroll at half the cost of national university tuition.

 According to Keio University, the scholarship graduated from high schools outside the four prefectures of Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, and Chiba, and parents' salaries and pension income are less than 4 million yen including tax and business income is less than 1,000 million yen. , For students who go to school from outside their home.It will be selected before admission and will be paid if you pass the general entrance examination.

 The number of candidates hired will be increased from the previous 500 to more than 550.The amount of payment will be increased by 20 yen in the first year of enrollment, and the annual amount will be 100 million yen for the Faculty of Pharmacy, 110 million yen for the Faculty of Medicine, and 80 yen for other faculties.

 The application period is from October 10th to November 29th (effective postmark on the day).The examination will be divided into 11 blocks: Hokkaido / Tohoku, North Kanto / Koshinetsu, Hokuriku / Tokai, Kinki, Chugoku / Shikoku, and Kyushu / Okinawa, and all will be notified in late December.

reference:[Keio University] Expanded "Academic Scholarships" for locals and pre-admission reservations

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