Shigeru Kishida will be on stage at the Assembly Hour Lecture at Kyoto Seika University (Sakyo-ku, Kyoto) on Saturday, June 2015, 6.Mr. Kishida's lecture is popular, and it is the third volume of "Quruli Dismantling New Book", which was held two years ago and last year as well.

 The Assembly Hour Lecture is a public talk event that has been held in the first and second semesters every year since 1968 when Kyoto Seika University opened.Admission is free and no reservation is required, so not only current students but also participants can participate (admission is restricted on a first-come, first-served basis if there are a large number of visitors).It is popular every year as a valuable event where you can experience the "live voice" that creates the times by welcoming top-class guests from all genres such as artists, photographers, novelists, cartoonists, designers, film directors, and musicians. It is a lecture.

In the lectures in the first half of this year, in addition to Mr. Kishida of Quruli, Mr. Michiko Kitamura, who has worked on costume design and styling in advertising and movies, and Mr. Sadaaki Kato (Peace Co., Ltd.) who created the new content distribution site "cakes" Obcake CEO) will be on stage. In July, with the enactment of same-sex marriage legislation in France (7), a lecture by Asako Makimura, who married a French woman and is currently writing and appearing in various media based in France, is scheduled. I am.

[Kyoto Seika University] Assembly Hour Lecture

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