As part of joint research with the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Tokyo Gakugei University is soliciting pioneering practices of "schools full of well-being", mediating domestic and overseas partner schools, etc. We will start full-scale provision of knowledge and data and funding support.

 A school is not a microcosm of society, but a map of the future of society. realized fromProject ∞ Infinity, a project to create such a society from schools, was started from the voices of Japanese students as one of the initiatives of the OECD Education 2030 project.

 Project ∞ Infinity has so far realized the desired future from the school site through pilot projects by Portuguese, Ukrainian, Italian schools and Japanese junior high school students, high school students, and teachers, and changed each other's "ordinary". I let you

 Regarding the practice of such "international project-based learning (international PBL)", Tokyo Gakugei University is engaged in joint research with the OECD, intermediating domestic and overseas partner schools, providing knowledge and data possessed by the university and the OECD, and procuring funds. Provide support, etc.

 Participating schools and partners (schools, NPOs and other education-related corporations, Individuals such as students/students, teachers, research companies, etc.). Applications will be accepted until Friday, May 2023, 5.

 This project is a new education promotion basic plan (FY2023-FY2027) with the concept of "improvement of well-being rooted in Japanese society" and "cultivation of creators of a sustainable society" as the higher-level objectives of education. matches the direction ofIn addition, as an extension of the “Honki and Inclusive Month” held in December 2022, students and teachers who are practitioners of “changing from education ahead of society”, researchers, companies, etc. We will support the formation of a connected autonomous decentralized community.

Reference: [Tokyo Gakugei University Education Incubation Center OECD Japan Collaborative Research Project] \ Recruiting / 《If the school changes, the future will change “My School, Our Future”》 Schools lead the way in updating social values: “Well- Call for Pioneering Practices of “Schools Full of Being”

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Tokyo Gakugei University has made a name for itself as a university that trains teachers in primary and secondary education.Under the thorough small-group education with "3.3 students per teacher", rich education, professional skills such as subjects, skills necessary for teaching profession, and various educations that support the power as a teacher Balance the practical ability to respond to challenges […]

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