On October 2015, 10, Otemon Gakuin University (Ibaraki City, Osaka Prefecture) established the "Shogaku Research Institute" to study "laughter" as an academic discipline, and held a press conference in Osaka City on the 1th. hold. In connection with "Fortune comes to the laughing gate," Billiken of Tsutenkaku, known as the god of good luck, rushed to the venue to liven up the venue.

 The university considers that it is a social mission to pursue "laughter", which is a representative culture of Osaka, as an academic discipline, and at this institute, we study "laughter" from the perspectives of history, art, and psychology.In addition, while researching the development of communication skills through "laughter" and upper entertainment, the results will be announced at public seminars and civic lectures.From next year onward, we will also open a new subject, "Introduction to Laughter Studies," for students.The staff of the institute are selected from the faculties of sociology and psychology of the university.Professors of media theory, social psychology, modern Japanese history, theater theory, etc. will work on research and education.

 Hiroshi Inoue (Professor Emeritus, Kansai University), a former chairman of the Japan Laughter Society, who became the director of the research institute, said, "I want to convey the benefits of laughter from the" city of laughter, Osaka, "which has developed along with commerce." Told.In addition, President Toyoo Sakai of this university also said, "Japan is now in a jerky state of politics and society. I want to make it, "he said, inviting laughter.
A commemorative symposium will be held in November next month.

Otemon Gakuin University

Expansion of academic gate area x expansion of new campus. Faculty of Law * Newly established in April 2023!

Bunri University has a campus in Hokusetsu (Ibaraki City, Osaka Prefecture), a popular area in the Kansai region. In 2019, a new campus (Ibaraki Sochiji Campus) will be created for all new students to study. In 2021, the science and engineering field "Artificial Intelligence / Cognitive Science" to study Al in the Faculty of Psychology, and in 2022, the Faculty of International Studies and the Faculty of Letters 2 […]

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