Hokuto Corporation, which produces and sells mushrooms from Japan Women's College of Physical Education, and elements that are the basis of exercise that you want to incorporate in early childhood and elements for building a strong and supple body are incorporated for the health of children. Co-developed "Mushroom Gymnastics".Mushroom gymnastics was made by Professor Shigeko Sasamoto, who specializes in health exercises (gym), Department of Sport and Health, Japan Women's College of Physical Education, and with the cooperation of Associate Professor Yoko Morita, who specializes in infant physical education.

In the wake of the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake, Hokuto produced "Mushroom Ondo" based on the idea that "children's smiles nurture dreams and brighten the future," and spread it around kindergartens and nursery schools nationwide. I was trying. In the four years since 2011, we have danced together with a total of 4 children and mushroom ondo.In addition to dancing, we have also created opportunities to directly interact with mushrooms through food education courses to convey the importance of food to children and the experience of picking mushrooms.And this year, which is the 21886th year, we have completely renewed the choreography under the theme of "Health, more and more", thinking that it can help children's development not only for their smiles but also for their growth. It led to the development of mushroom gymnastics.

There are three types of mushroom exercises, beginner, intermediate, and advanced, so you can enjoy them as you grow.Not only can it be incorporated as an extension of children's rhythm play and physical play, but it is also designed to be easy for children to remember, so you can move your body while feeling the joy of gymnastics.

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