On August 2018, 8, Showa University and Tokyo University of Agriculture signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement at Tokyo University of Agriculture Setagaya Campus.We will promote the cooperation between medicine and agriculture while aiming for enhancement and development in fields such as medical care, agriculture, and biotechnology.

 Dr. Shusuke Uejo, the founder of Showa University, established Showa University with the idea that medical personnel involved in clinical practice should be trained without being overly focused on academics and research.Dr. Tokiyoshi Yokoi, the first president of Tokyo University of Agriculture, aimed to train successors to agriculture and leaders of the local community with the founding spirit of "returning people to the fields" and the educational philosophy of "practicalism."

 In this way, both Showa University and Tokyo University of Agriculture attach great importance to practical studies in their founding philosophy.In addition, since we are conducting research on life in both medicine and agriculture, we have concluded this comprehensive cooperation agreement in order to work hard on human resource development while sharing each other's ideas.

 In the future, the two universities will promote medical-agricultural cooperation, such as improving the quality of medical education, agricultural education, biological science education and life science education, supporting the development of student sensibilities, academic exchanges and joint research.

Reference: [Showa University] Concluded a comprehensive cooperation agreement with Tokyo University of Agriculture

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