The mobile terminal case "Palmo" jointly developed with a company by Masayuki Sato (Professor, Faculty of Economics) of Senshu University (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) Sports Research Institute won the 2015 Good Design Award Best 100 (* 1). Did. "Palmo" is compatible with Apple's smartphone "iPhone" series.It is made of silicon and has a shape like the number "8". By inserting your finger into the intersection, you can prevent the terminal from falling.In addition, since the terminal can be supported with one finger without grasping the main body, it is easy to operate with one hand. Manufactured by ECBB Co., Ltd. (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo) and released in January 2015.

 During the development, Director Sato conducted a stress test on fingers and back by using a smartphone. It was found that wearing "Palmo" can prevent tendonitis and the effects on fingers, and reduce fatigue.The Good Design Award Jury evaluated it as "reducing user stress."Director Sato, who received the award, said, "We will investigate finger movements and make efforts to improve them. We will continue to attack various problems such as health and social problems from the standpoint of sports science." I told you.

In addition to Senshu University, the renewed website of Waseda University and the personal mobility "ILY-A" jointly developed by Chiba Institute of Technology with Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd. (Kariya City, Aichi Prefecture) have been awarded. ..
The award-winning products will be introduced at the "Good Design Exhibition 2015 (G Exhibition)" held in Tokyo Midtown (Minato Ward) from October 10th to November 30th, 11.

(* 1) The Good Design Award is the "Good Design Product Selection System (commonly known as the G Mark System)" established by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (currently the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry), which enriches people's lives, industries, and society for about 60 years. It is an award that continues to honor the design to be done.

Waseda University

Reform with the aim of "WASEDA shining in the world" with research, education, and contribution as the three pillars

Waseda University has created an unparalleled environment in which all students can hone their ability to take on unanswered issues based on the three founding principles of "independence of academics, utilization of academics, and creation of model people."Aiming to be a world-class university with unwavering international competitiveness, "WASEDA that shines in the world," "Waseda for research" and "[…] for education.

Chiba Institute of Technology

Foster professionals who learn cutting-edge science and technology and contribute to world culture with technology

Chiba Institute of Technology was founded in 1942 as "Koa Institute of Technology" in response to social demands to train advanced science and technology engineers and enrich Asian countries including Japan.In the 17 years since then, it has continued to support Japan's growth through manufacturing, and is now the oldest existing private technical university […].

Senshu University

Acquire the intelligence to support the 21st century vision "development of social intelligence" and cultivate humanity

The educational goal of the 21st century is "development of social intelligence", and while focusing on specialized knowledge and technology and thinking methods based on it, we have deep human understanding and ethical standards, and we have original ideas from a global perspective. We are developing the ability to proactively work on solving various social issues. […]

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