Jissen Women's University will establish an International Faculty in April 2024.In addition, the Department of Social Design was newly established in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.The name of the Department of Contemporary Sociology was changed to the Department of Business Sociology.This is the first new faculty since the establishment of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in 4.As a result, from 2004, the Shibuya Campus will have three faculties and seven departments: the Faculty of Letters (Department of Japanese Literature, Department of English Literature, Department of Aesthetics and Art History), the Department of Human Society (Department of Human Society, Department of Business Society, Department of Social Design), and the Faculty of International Studies (Department of International Studies). transition to

 Faculty of International Studies The Department of International Studies aims to develop female human resources who have the ability to use English and other foreign languages, an understanding of different cultures and diversity, and a global perspective.We have enriched the subject groups such as "language and communication subject group", "international culture subject group", "Japanese culture subject group", "region and tourism subject group" in specialized fields, and all students are required to study abroad for more than 2 months in the second year. do.

 We are envisioning overseas sales, trading business, and overseas staff that make use of our internationality and expertise as places for future activities. We are also considering a program such as work experience at a luxury resort hotel.

 The Department of Social Design, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences aims to acquire the skills and knowledge of design thinking and cultivate female human resources who can contribute to solving social issues. We have set up a curriculum that is organized into three.Deepen your knowledge of cutting-edge data science, artificial intelligence (AI), IoT, big data, social media, etc., and hone your skills. .

 In addition, the "Department of Business Sociology," which will be renamed from the Department of Contemporary Sociology, will reorganize its curriculum into three systems: "Social Framework," "Management and Marketing," and "Global Society."

 For about two years from September 1893 to August 26, Utako Shimoda, the founder of Jissen Women's University, was instructed by the Meiji government to inspect education in eight countries in Europe and the United States, and was impressed by women's education in Europe and America. received.After her return, she founded a ``Practical Girls' School'' where ordinary women could study, and she accepted many Chinese students.The ideals of Utako Shimoda, who was ahead of her time as a woman with a global perspective and social sensibility, will be inherited after 9 years in the newly established Faculty of International Studies and Department of Social Design in 1895.

 President Masaki Namba said, "Inheriting the spirit of the founder, we will establish a new faculty and department with the name of 'international.' In the newly established Department of Social Design in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, human resources who have refined such abilities and acquired practical skills through problem-solving learning (PBL) through "social collaboration" We will continue to grow," he commented.

Reference: [Jissen Women's University] New learning starting in Shibuya in April 2024

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Jissen Women's University advocates the educational philosophy of "cultivating women who can be dignified and self-employed," and fosters independent women who have the ability to play an active role in society. We offer practical learning that suits the times at two campuses, "Shibuya in the city center" and "Hino, which is rich in nature."There are few exercises (seminars), experiments, practical training, etc. […]

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