At the Department of Information and Culture, Faculty of Media and Communication, Edogawa University, students participate as facilitators (volunteers) in group work for the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to help junior and senior high school students acquire and establish knowledge about appropriate Internet usage.The activity was highly evaluated, and on April 2023, 4, a letter of appreciation was presented to seven students from the Tokyo Metropolitan Safety Promotion Department.

 The Citizen Safety Promotion Department of the Bureau of Life, Culture and Sports of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government holds lectures for junior and senior high school students to acquire and establish knowledge about appropriate Internet use, and also provides students with a sense of ownership and understanding of problems to protect themselves. We hold group work by each other.At the request of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, the Department of Information Science and Technology has been participating as a facilitator (volunteer) to promote group work among students since 2017, contributing to the activation of discussions among junior and senior high school students at each school in Tokyo.

 The students who received the letter of appreciation this time were Ryoma Namiki (4th year), Chihiro Masuda (4th year), Shunta Iida (3rd year), Koyuki Ishii (3rd year), and Yuto Kashiwa from the Department of Information and Culture. (3rd year), Yu Ichinose (3rd year), and Nguyen Thi Lan Anh (3rd year).
 The letter of appreciation presentation ceremony was held at Edogawa University, and Mr. Ryoma Namiki commented on the activity, saying, "Communication with junior high school students was difficult in some respects, but I was able to contribute to the promotion of understanding, and I felt a sense of accomplishment."In addition, Chihiro Masuda said, "I would like to make use of this valuable experience when I go out into society."

Reference: [Edogawa University] A letter of appreciation from the Tokyo Citizens Safety Promotion Department to students of the Department of Information and Culture

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