Professor Keiko Takihara and his group at Osaka University discovered that smoking affects the function of α-croto, a gene involved in aging.It may be used as a parameter to investigate the state of accelerated aging caused by smoking.

 In recent years, smoking cessation facilities have increased due to problems such as sidestream smoke, and there is a growing movement to promote smoking cessation in society.It is well known that smoking is a risk factor for various health disorders and illnesses, and promoting smoking cessation is also important from the perspective of disease prevention.Among the effects of smoking habits on the body, the group focused on promoting aging.While it has been pointed out that smokers have a shorter lifespan than non-smokers by more than 10 years due to aging, the causal relationship has not been clarified so far.
 What we paid attention to here was a gene called α-croto. α-Klotho has an anti-inflammatory effect and is also secreted into the blood.It is known that when physical and mental stress is applied, the concentration is usually increased to suppress inflammation, but the concentration decreases due to arteriosclerosis, diabetes and aging.In this study, we investigated how the blood concentration of α-Klotho changes with smoking.As a result, it became clear that smokers had thinner α-crotoe than non-smokers.

 From this, it may be possible to investigate the degree of aging due to smoking by examining the blood concentration of α-Klotho in the blood in the future.If it becomes possible to quantify the damage inflicted on the body by smoking habits, it will contribute to the promotion of smoking cessation.

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