On April 2023, 4, Keio University started a business alliance with READYFOR Co., Ltd., which operates Japan's first and largest crowdfunding service "READYFOR".Actively utilize READYFOR as part of outreach activities to solve social issues using Keio University research results and student knowledge, pursue ideals as a leader of all society, and accelerate social development. We aim to become

 READYFOR has partnered with about 60 universities so far, has released about 400 projects related to research, educational facilities, student activities, etc., and has collected about 19 billion yen in support.In this business alliance, projects will be implemented through the crowdfunding service "READYFOR" provided by READYFOR at Keio University's faculties, graduate schools, and athletic clubs.

 Through the use of crowdfunding, Keio University aims to further support research and create new innovations in fulfilling one of the university's major roles of implementing research results in society. Accelerate efforts to contribute to society and give back.

 Keio University President Kohei Ito said, "Keio University, as a leader of society as a whole, pursues its ideals by constantly taking on challenges. We will further enhance our activities in the medical field and promote future society designs that create a new society.In order to realize a variety of advanced and unique projects, we have started crowdfunding. With the support we have received for each project, Keio will pursue its ideals by realizing attractive initiatives that support the development of a healthy society."

 As the first project after the partnership, the crowdfunding project of the Department of Physiology, Keio University School of Medicine, which is working on research on the theme of nerve regeneration, "Research on intractable neurological diseases by combining basic and clinical research: Accelerate research to overcome ALS" 4 It was opened to the public at 26:9 on Wednesday, March 3,000, and a call for donations began.The target amount is XNUMX million yen.

Reference: [READYFOR Co., Ltd.] Keio University and READYFOR start a business alliance

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