TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.), the world's largest consignment semiconductor manufacturer in Taiwan, has expanded into Kumamoto Prefecture, and the local economy is showing vibrancy reminiscent of the bubble period. Started joint research to explore the impact of the semiconductor industry agglomeration on the stage.

 According to Mitsui Fudosan, the joint research will be led by Shunsuke Managi, director of the Kyushu University Urban Research Center.Focusing on the new national wealth index adopted by the United Nations, we aim to quantify the impact of the accumulation of the semiconductor industry in Kyushu and visualize how it will spread to the manufacturing industry and peripheral industries.

 In addition, through joint research, we will acquire knowledge on the accumulation of manufacturing and logistics industries, the associated facilities for convenient living, and the restructuring of residential areas, and will also index know-how on effective land use conversion in the future.

 The semiconductor industry agglomeration scenario to be considered is assumed around 2030.Kyushu University will calculate the impact results of the scenario into the New National Wealth Index, and Mitsui Fudosan and Nippon Steel Kowa Real Estate will select development candidate sites based on the results.

 The New National Wealth Index was launched by the United Nations as a value that complements GDP (gross domestic product), and quantifies the monetary value of society's wealth that can be obtained not only by people living in the present but also by future generations as welfare. .

 In Kumamoto Prefecture, TSMC has expanded into Kikuyo Town and is scheduled to start operations in 2024.The total number of employees is about 1,700, of which about 1,200 are newly hired.The economic ripple effect is estimated to be more than 10 trillion yen in 4 years.As a result, land prices have skyrocketed, and long-salted industrial land is selling, showing an unprecedented boom.

reference:[Mitsui Fudosan] Kyushu University, Mitsui Fudosan, and Nippon Steel Kowa Real Estate have started joint research on future-oriented advanced industrial clusters that contribute to sustainability, focusing on IWI (Inclusive Wealth Index)

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