At Showa Women's University, in May 2023, about 5 students from the University of Colorado at Boulder will come to Japan and conduct international co-learning classes. This class, which started in 50, has continued online even during the corona crisis.Through a face-to-face class for the first time in about four years, students from Showa Women's University will present in English the results of their research on the Japanese and American economies.

 From Showa Women's University, about 1 students in the business design department, the international department, and the English communication department will participate. With reference to the policy package "Japan-US Competitiveness and Resilience Partnership (CoRe)" announced by the Japanese and US governments in 4, we will take up business issues related to economic diplomacy, such as DX, climate change, and supply chains.

 From February 2023, the students will be divided into 2 mixed Japanese-American teams, and will participate online in five subthemes ("Innovation in the DX Era", "Cybersecurity and Human Resource Development", "Working People's Wellbeing", and "Supply Chain Resilience"). and “Clean Energy and Smart City Initiatives”), we have researched and discussed the actual situation in Japan and the United States.

 Students from the University of Colorado and Showa Women's University will meet for the first time on May 5th, and work together toward the final joint presentation to be held on May 15th to learn together about business issues in the global economy and deepen mutual understanding.A lecture by economist Jesper Kohl is also scheduled for May 5.

Reference: [Showa Women's University] 50 students from the University of Colorado Boulder came to Japan "International co-educational class" on the theme of the Japanese and US economies

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