Saitama Institute of Technology and Fukaya Green Park, a designated management facility in Fukaya City, have started joint research in April 2023 on the recycling of stems that are generated in large quantities when shipping cut lilies.

 According to a survey by the Kanto Agricultural Administration Bureau, Fukaya City in Saitama Prefecture is one of the largest producers of lilies along with green onions in Japan. has been discarded.Therefore, a research team led by Professor Teruhisa Hongo of the Department of Life and Environmental Chemistry (Environmental Materials Chemistry Laboratory, Faculty of Engineering, Saitama Institute of Technology) collaborated with Fukaya Green Park to research the reuse of lily stems. and decided to start joint research.

 In order to achieve the SDGs, Professor Hongo focuses on "environmental pollution," "waste," "energy," and "global warming," and aims to solve problems using a material chemistry-based approach. .In recent years, we have focused on the development of carbon dioxide capture and storage technology to prevent global warming, technology to produce chemical products and energy from plant resources (biomass), and technology to purify polluted water and exhaust gas at low cost and effectiveness. In addition, we are also developing a system that aims to create a recycling-oriented society that utilizes unused resources instead of disposing of waste as garbage.

 In this joint research, Professor Hongo, as an expert in environmental chemistry, will support technologies for extracting usable resources such as fiber and cellulose from lily stems.On the other hand, Fukaya Green Park utilizes its experience and network in floricultural cultivation to supply lily stems and collects information by taking advantage of its position in contact with customers to make effective use of resources such as fiber and cellulose and produce products. consider making it

Reference: [Saitama Institute of Technology] Saitama Institute of Technology and Fukaya Green Park (Aqua Paradise Patio) have started joint research on the effective use of stems that are discarded when shipping cut lilies (PDF)

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