Hyogo Prefecture has announced plans to open a professional university in Toyooka City in the Tajima area in the northern part of the prefecture with the goal of opening in April 2021.It is said that this is the first national public university to major in theater in earnest with the aim of revitalizing the Tajima area, where the population continues to decline due to the outflow of young people, and to develop human resources who will be responsible for arts and culture and tourism.

 According to Hyogo Prefecture, the professional university planned to be newly established is the International College of Arts and Tourism (tentative name).Toyooka City will acquire about 600 hectare of the site of the shopping center "Sato Toyooka Store", which is about 1 meters away from JR Toyooka Station in Sanno-cho, Toyooka City, and will provide it as a university site together with the adjacent city-owned land of 0.4 hectares.

 The Faculty of Culture and Tourism Creation will be established to recruit 1 students in the first grade.The president will be Oriza Hirata, a playwright and director who will be the artistic director at the Kinosaki International Arts Center in Toyooka City.Students will have a work experience at an inn in Kinosaki Onsen, and will experience the stay support of overseas artists at the Kinosaki International Arts Center.

 Based in Kinosaki International Arts Center, Toyooka City is seeking to revitalize the region by utilizing theater.Professional universities will also focus on developing human resources who can bring energy to the community through theater.

 Toyooka City is the central city of the Tajima region, but it is facing a rapid population decline with a population of less than 8.Known as Japan's last stork habitat, it has tourist destinations such as Kinosaki Onsen, but the outflow of young people from the city is serious, and we are expecting a professional university as a solution.

reference:[Hyogo Prefecture] Basic concept of a professional university in the Tajima area of ​​Hyogo Prefecture (PDF)

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