In July, Tokyo's Adachi Ward will open "Adachi Mirai Seminar," which provides free high-quality classes offered by private education providers to first-year high school students from low-income households aiming to enter difficult universities.Applications are being accepted from May 7, 1 to June 2023, 5, through a mechanism by which the government supports high school students who cannot attend preparatory schools or cram schools for financial reasons.


 Classes will be entrusted to the Z-kai Group's "Educational Network". Two 60-minute classes will be held, with individual study of English or mathematics using AI (artificial intelligence) teaching materials, and individual instruction in either English, Japanese, or mathematics by preparatory school instructors using teaching materials for entrance exams. there is

 Attendance is subject to academic ability and income screening.An academic diagnostic test will be held on June 6th at the Genki Children's Support Center to measure students' academic ability in English and mathematics up to the point of graduating from junior high school. Individual interviews will be held in July to hear about household income and other factors, and successful applicants will be selected.

 To apply for the course, download the application form from the Adachi City website, fill in the necessary items, and bring it to the Adachi City Child Poverty Countermeasures and Youth Support Division, or send it by mail, or you can do it on the website.

 Since 2012, Adachi Ward has opened the "Adachi Habataki Juku," which provides free classes for junior high school students who have excellent grades but are unable to attend cram schools due to family financial reasons.The Adachi Mirai Seminar will be the high school version of that.

reference:[Adachi Ward, Tokyo] "Adachi Mirai Seminar" aiming to pass the difficult university [Application starts from May XNUMX]

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