Kyushu University has started an organizational collaboration with Bridgestone, a major tire manufacturer.With the aim of sparking new innovation through co-creation that leverages each company's strengths, the two companies will deepen their collaboration not only in the development of rubber materials for tires, which they have been collaborating on for a long time, but also in sustainability fields such as biotechnology and hydrogen.

 According to Kyushu University, the collaboration will combine Kyushu University's comprehensive knowledge in natural sciences, humanities and social sciences, and design with the knowledge of Bridgestone's global innovation base in Kodaira, Tokyo.Kyushu University lists the fields of research that it collaborates with, such as sustainability fields such as biotechnology and hydrogen, and solutions to problems that are considered to be latent or apparent in society, assuming the future.

 Organization-oriented collaboration refers not only to solving individual research and development needs, but also to creating original concepts and developing cutting-edge practical technologies while trying to fuse various research results.

 Susan Fukuda, Executive Director for Academia-Government Collaboration at Kyushu University, commented, "By collaborating with Bridgestone, which has advanced technology and is promoting sustainable initiatives, we would like to form a research base of the highest international standard." .

 Masato Sakano, Global CTO of Bridgestone, said, "As we are in the midst of transforming into a sustainable company, we would like to promote the transformation through organization-to-organization collaboration with Kyushu University to accelerate innovation and create new value." and

reference:[Kyushu University] Bridgestone and Kyushu University start organization-based collaboration

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