On April 2023, 4, 23 second-year students from Kanazawa Seiryo University's sports department served as support staff for the "Morinko Sports Festival 2023" (sponsored by NPO Club Pot) held in the paddy fields before rice planting in Futamata-cho, Kanazawa City. Participate as.As a member of the staff, he was involved in the planning and management of the mud sports day, and made the event lively.

 “Doronko Undokai” is an event where you can enjoy sports while getting covered in mud in a flooded rice field.It has been held since 2017 with the aim of discovering local resources and expanding the non-resident population.Children, elementary school students, junior high school students, university students, and working adults were divided into teams and competed in four events, including tug-of-war and relay in the rice fields.

 A student who participated as a support staff commented, "Through the Mud Sports Festival, I was able to learn the importance of communicating in detail and sharing information about problems and improvements that emerged from discussions. I was able to get a real sense of what an event in collaboration with the university is like.” “Most of the people I met were new to me, and the ages were all different. I was able to liven up the team by listening to the words of the people." It seems that participating in the event was an opportunity to experience the methods and management know-how of regional development using sports.

 The Department of Sports at Kanazawa Seiryo University has a team of professors who are active at the forefront and have a wealth of experience, including Olympic representatives, doctors, Paralympic coaches, and leading figures in supporting top athletes using sports science methods. align.Students are trained in three courses: "Sports Teaching" and "Sports Coaching" for junior and senior high school health and physical education departments, special support school teachers and instructors, and "Sports Management" for sports organization managers, health and sports related companies, public servants, etc. You can choose from two fields according to your future vision.

Reference: [Kanazawa Seiryo University] [Department of Sports, Faculty of Human Sciences / Basic field training] Effective utilization of local resources x Sports town development “Mudenko Athletic Meet 2023” operational support

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