In line with the G7 Hiroshima Summit held in Hiroshima, seven art universities around the world, including Tokyo University of the Arts, issued a joint statement and established A7 (ARTs7).It aims to solve social issues and achieve world peace through the fusion of art and other fields.

 According to Tokyo University of the Arts, in addition to the university, Zurich University of the Arts in Switzerland, University of the Arts London in the UK, LaSalle University of the Arts in Singapore, City University of Hong Kong, Baptist University of Hong Kong, Taiwan's National University Taipei University of the Arts.

 In order to solve global issues and create a desirable future, the joint statement states that, in addition to human-friendly education, creation of opportunities for all people to participate in society, interaction with various values, and creation of innovation, I needed the power of art to act on the mind.

 On top of that, Tokyo University of the Arts will establish six art universities in the world in collaboration with A6, aiming to contribute to world peace through university education and the proposals and practices of artists.At the same time, we will collaborate with arts and culture institutions that have the same goals and establish a place to work on solving social issues.

 At the 1st A7 Summit, messages from seven art university presidents were published on the Metaverse. In the fall of 7, we will be exhibiting online art works on the theme of peace by students recommended by seven art colleges.

reference:[Tokyo University of the Arts] Joint statement issued by XNUMX art universities "AXNUMX" around the world centering on Tokyo University of the Arts

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