From June 2023, Saitama Institute of Technology will hold face-to-face and online high-flexibility open lectures (6 times in total) for the general public to explain familiar topics in an easy-to-understand manner.Tuition is free.

 Every year, Saitama Institute of Technology holds these public lectures on various themes for citizens in Fukaya City, where the Saitama Institute of Technology has a campus.Faculty members from Saitama Institute of Technology serve as instructors, including courses on the theme of management sociology, advanced engineering and scientific fields such as healthcare devices and AI (artificial intelligence), and weather forecasts by instructors qualified as weather forecasters. and meteorological courses.This time, a special lecture will also be held as part of the "Fascination of Plants Day: May 5".

<2023 Public Lecture>
1. Business Sociology Course [Saturday, June 6]: Business management learned from “The Drifters” and “Otoko wa Tsuraiyo”
2. International Plant Day Special Lecture [Saturday, June 6]: Various colors of plants
3. Lecture on weather and weather [Saturday, June 6]: Learn weather with a weather forecaster
4. Local biomass utilization healthcare lecture [Saturday, June 6]: Healthcare devices for the era of 10-year life utilizing local biomass resources
5. AI Image Processing Course [Saturday, June 6]: How to start image processing using AI (artificial intelligence)
6. Aircraft Fatigue Design Course [June 6th (Saturday)]: Experience of crashes and changes in fatigue resistance design guidelines

 In 2023, in consideration of the convenience of the students, we will hold a "high-flex type" that combines "face-to-face" and "online" as in the previous year. 30 people) or real-time delivery by Zoom video webinar (capacity 150 people).Participation is free, but registration is on a first-come, first-served basis and will be closed once the capacity is reached.Applicants need to check the details of the course on the homepage and register within the application period for each course.

reference:[Saitama Institute of Technology] 2023 Open Lectures


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