On May 2023, 5, five second-year students of Showa Women's University's "SWU-TUJ Double Degree Program" graduated from Temple University of Pennsylvania in the United States.

 In the SWU-TUJ Double Degree Program, students study for two and a half to three years at Showa Women's University and two years at Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ), which is located on the same campus, to obtain degrees from both universities. The second class consists of 2 students from the Department of International Studies and 3 students from the Department of English Communication. They will transfer to TUJ in 2 and study a wide range of liberal arts such as politics, history, and philosophy. , holds a degree in Concentration in Asian Studies. After this, the five will be certified at Showa Women's University, acquire two degrees from both Japanese and American universities, and plan to graduate from Showa Women's University in September 2.

 The two schools have deepened their ties since TUJ moved to Showa Women's University's Setagaya campus in 2019, and the double degree program will include the Department of International Studies, the Department of English Communication, and the Department of Business Design, Faculty of Global Business, starting in the fall of 2022. also expanded.In addition, all departments have courses and joint classes, students from Japan and the United States study together, and students actively interact with each other through club activities and events.

 Showa Women's University's double degree program began in 2014 with Shanghai Jiao Tong University (China), Seoul Women's University/Sookmyung Women's University (Korea), and the University of Queensland (Australia). Implemented with 4 universities.More than 5 have already completed the program with degrees from two universities.

Reference: [Showa Women's University] Studying at two universities in Japan and the United States on the same campus "SWU-TUJ Double Degree Program" 2nd batch graduates from American State University

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