Sophia University, Ochanomizu University, and Shizuoka Prefectural University jointly applied for the project "Development of a problem-finding international collaborative online learning program related to human security and multicultural coexistence" in the 2018 Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology "University World" It was adopted as a project to strengthen development capabilities-support for the formation of exchanges between universities in the United States and other countries using COIL-type education.

 The project adopted this time is to collaborate between universities in Japan and the United States, centering on distance learning and exchange projects using online education (Collaborative Online International Learning: COIL).Sophia University, Ochanomizu University, University of Shizuoka, and 2 universities in the United States, centered on the partner universities of these three universities, participated.The goals are: (3) Providing global educational opportunities for students (10) Promoting multi-layered student exchanges utilizing the resources of partner universities and local communities (3) Expanding international collaborative online learning programs to third countries in developing countries The activity will start in September 2018 with the aim of contributing to the correction of educational disparities.

 The biggest feature is the domestic circulation type multi-campus international student acceptance program that combines the strengths of the three domestic cooperation universities.International students who have taken lectures at two universities in Tokyo will participate in internships at companies and organizations in Shizuoka Prefecture through Shizuoka Prefectural University, and promote international exchange and industry-academia collaboration in local areas.In Tokyo, Sophia University provides lectures in English, and Ochanomizu University provides Japanese language education.Make the most of the resources of each university.In addition, by actively introducing online education (COIL) into lesson subjects and connecting with American universities, we will create a place for students who have difficulty in studying abroad to study with American students while staying in Japan.

 The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology is implementing a "university global expansion capability enhancement project" to support efforts for international education cooperation in order to foster global human resources who can play an active role internationally and strengthen the global expansion capability of university education. In FY2018, we will focus on financial support for projects that build and implement programs that utilize COIL-type education and projects that build platforms with universities in the United States and other countries.

Reference: [Sophia University] Developing a global citizenship education program that utilizes online education in collaboration with 3 domestic universities and 10 US universities

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