In April 2019, Aoyama Gakuin University will open the Faculty of Community Human Sciences. This is the new faculty since the Faculty of Global Social Symbiosis, which was established in 4, and now has 2015 faculties and 11 departments.

 The Faculty of Community Human Sciences will be opened on the Sagamihara Campus in April 2019.Creating leaders who support the region is an urgent issue for Japan, which is facing a full-scale population decline and the arrival of a super-aging society.In order to meet the needs of such times, we will develop human resources who contribute to the local community and local specialists from the perspective of public assistance and mutual assistance.

 The special feature of education is to deepen the basic understanding of local activities through small-group education, and to experience local activities through practical training at various facilities of local governments and NPOs.Qualifications such as social researcher, social education director, librarian, curator, etc. can also be obtained.The curriculum is based on the five subject groups of "Children and Youth Activity Support," "Women's Activity Support," "Community Activity Support," "Community Resource Inheritance," and "Community Creation Plan" from the perspectives of pedagogy and sociology. , Acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to solve local issues.The enrollment capacity is 5 people.

 For more information about the Faculty of Community Human Sciences, check the university website, and also plan to introduce new faculties and provide individual consultations at the "Seigaku Fair" held in four cities nationwide in October.

Reference: [Aoyama Gakuin University] Aoyama Gakuin University April 2019 Opened Faculty of Community Human Sciences

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