A research group led by Professor Kenichi Saito of Hiroshima University observed for the first time the enormous enhancing effect of light with titanium oxide.Wide range of applications is expected.

 In recent years, research on the light enhancing effect of fine particles of precious metals such as gold and silver has been active.In particular, gold nanoparticles are also used in influenza test kits and pregnancy test drugs, and have recently been studied as materials for photothermal treatment of cancer cells (laser irradiation from outside the body).However, precious metals are rare and expensive, and other metals are concerned about oxidation.Therefore, alternative substances that are stable, secure, inexpensive, and have a large enhancing effect have been sought all over the world, and semiconductors have been attracting attention in recent years.

 Titanium oxide is a chemically and physically stable oxide semiconductor, and is used in various fields such as air purification, antibacterial coating, anti-fog, solar cells, LEDs, and key materials for hydrogen production in cutting-edge research.In this study, we found for the first time in the world the enormous enhancement effect of light emission in this titanium oxide.This time, we have developed a method to make a sample showing huge enhancement extremely easily, achieved the world's highest emission intensity enhancement as a semiconductor, and realized titanium oxide, which is widely used in society, as a sample. It is said that.

 When the enhancing effect was evaluated by measuring the emission spectrum of the dye molecule, the emission intensity of the dye molecule increased 500 times due to the presence of titanium oxide.In addition, the enhancing effect with a single molecule based on the experimental values ​​showed a maximum increase in intensity of 30000 times.In addition, we have succeeded in creating a recipe for preparing a sample that gives the maximum enhancement, and also elucidating the mechanism that causes the enormous enhancement.

 The results of this time are wide-ranging, such as high-efficiency solar cells, high-sensitivity optical sensors, power-saving displays / lighting, photothermal treatment, photocatalytic effects (air purification, antibacterial, water purification, antifouling, hydrogen production), and high efficiency of sunscreen, etc. Expected to be applied.

Paper information:[Advanced Optical Materials] Extraordinary Field Enhancement of TiO2 Porous Layer up to 500-fold

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