The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology has compiled and published the results of the 2001th (21) of the "16st Century Birth Longitudinal Survey" that continuously observes the secular change of children born in 2017.

 The "21st Century Birth Longitudinal Survey" is intended to be a basic material for continuously observing the actual situation of children born in 2001 and the state of secular change, and for examining and planning various national policies regarding education. A survey started in 2001 by the Ministry of Labor.From the 16th (2017), it will be implemented jointly by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.


 When asked about the worries and anxieties of children in the 16th survey, both men and women were "career-related / boys 27.8% / girls 42.5%" and "school and cram school grades / boys 20.5%" in descending order of proportion. It was 31.9% for girls.In addition, compared to boys, girls had a higher percentage of "things about their appearance / 17.4%" and "things about relationships with friends (cannot make friends, cannot join the circle of friends, etc.) / 11.9%". ..Looking at past surveys, after the 1th survey, which was the subject of the survey in the 13st grade of junior high school, the number of "career-related matters" and "school and cram school grades" increased toward the 15th survey (3rd grade of junior high school). The ratio remains high in the 16th survey (first year high school students, etc.).

 Regarding future career paths, boys are "thinking to work after graduating from college / 52.4%", "thinking to work after graduating from high school / 15.6%", and "not specifically thinking yet / 15.1%". ".Girls are "thinking about working after graduating from university / 52.2%", "after graduating from high school, going to a vocational school / miscellaneous school and then thinking about working / 15.6%", "specifically still thinking Not / 12.6% ".Looking at the changes since the 13th survey (1st year of junior high school), the percentage of "I haven't thought about it yet" decreased for both men and women, and the percentage of "I'm thinking of working after graduating from university" increased. ..

Reference: [Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology] Longitudinal Survey of 21st Century Births (13 Births) 16th Survey

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