Kaion Kimura, a second-year student in the Faculty of Commerce and Economics, Chiba University of Commerce (Ichikawa City, Chiba Prefecture), sells lunch boxes at the "Student Venture Cafeteria" on campus on October 2, 2018. Shokuzai) ”has been opened.

 Since April 2011, Chiba University of Commerce has been implementing a "Student Venture Cafeteria" to open and manage restaurants in the cafeteria space on campus in order to provide students with opportunities to start a business.In this initiative, three stores that have passed strict selection through open recruitment within the university will be managed with the right to open a store renewed for one year from the university, and Mr. Kimura's store is one of them.

 Mr. Kimura, the owner of the new store "Saishokusai", said that he was interested in this student venture cafeteria even before enrollment, and "provided nutritionally balanced food" for the important business of providing food to students and faculty members. I put the word "Aya" in the name of the restaurant because I wanted to do it. "While formulating a management strategy such as using vegetables and fish and launching a menu different from other cafeterias, we will challenge store management while balancing academics so that we can make profits in the limited time of 3 business days a week. ..

 In addition, there are two other restaurants in the "Student Venture Cafeteria", "Full stomach dining" and "Chinese cafeteria Tsubaki", which can be used by non-students as well as "Saishokusai".

Reference: [Chiba University of Commerce] Student Venture Cafeteria New store "Irodori Shokuzai" opened on October 10 (PDF)

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