The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology said that more than 2018% of companies conducted job hunting activities such as interviews before June, which was stipulated by Keidanren's guidelines, in job hunting and recruitment activities in 6. It was found in a survey conducted with the cooperation of the employment problem study group created by related organizations.Keidanren has decided to abolish the guidelines that set the date for lifting the ban on recruitment activities from students who joined the company in the spring of 6, so there is a possibility that recruitment and recruitment appointments will be accelerated throughout the year.

 The survey was distributed to 7 companies nationwide from July to August, and valid responses were obtained from 8 companies.According to the report, the number of companies that increased the number of prospective hires was 2,500%, which is 1,012 points higher than the previous year, and the number of companies that decreased it was 0.1%, which is 30.8 points lower than the previous year. ..

 June accounted for 6% of the time when recruitment selection activities were started, but companies that started before June reached 29.8% of the total.Since it was 6% in the previous year, the number of companies entering the recruitment selection early in anticipation of the seller market is increasing, and the Keidanren guidelines are becoming more and more obsolete.
June was the most frequent time to issue an unofficial decision, accounting for 6%, but before June it was 34.5%, 6 points higher than the previous year.

 The number of companies that conducted internships increased by 11.2 points to 58.0%. February was the most common, accounting for 2%, followed by August at 66.1%.The largest number of implementation days is one business day, accounting for 8%.

 According to the survey results, which clearly shows that the hiring time has been advanced, there are likely to be concerns from the university side that it will affect academics.

reference:[Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology] Survey results regarding job hunting and recruitment activities in 2018 (flash version)

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