The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has released the results of a survey on the status of turnover within three years after employment of new graduates who graduated in March 2015.It was found that about 3% of new high school graduates and about 3% of new university graduates have left their jobs within three years after employment.

 調査によると、2015年3月に卒業した新規学卒就職者の就職後3年以内離職率は、大学31.8%、 短大等41.5%、高校39.3%、 中学64.1%だった。 2014年の新規学卒就職者の3年後の離職率と比べ、短大等をのぞき、大学0.4ポイント、高校1.5ポイント、中学3.6ポイント減少した。

 事業所規模別でみると、1,000人以上の事業所規模の離職率は、大学24.2%・高校25.3% 、500~1,000人未満では大学29.6%・高校32.9% 、100~500人未満では大学31.9%・高校36.5% 、30~100人未満では大学39.0%・高校46.3% 、5~30人未満では大学49.3%・高校55.9% 、5人未満では大学57.0.3%・高校64.3%。事業所規模が小さくなるにつれ、離職率も上がった。

 By industry, the turnover rate for university graduates was high in the accommodation / restaurant service industry at 49.7%, the education / learning support industry at 46.2%, the lifestyle-related service industry / entertainment industry at 45.0%, and the medical welfare industry at 37.8%. , Retail industry was followed by 37.7%.

  The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare will provide support to those who have left their jobs through the "New Graduate Support Hello Work" that supports job hunting activities for new graduates and the "Oshigoto Advisor", a free consultation service for employment by email or telephone.

Reference: [Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare] We will announce the turnover status of new graduates (status of graduates in March 27).

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