The University of Tokyo has signed a basic agreement to promote regular and concrete dialogue on research and education with Moderna, a U.S. company known for developing novel coronavirus vaccines and therapeutic drugs, and Moderna Japan, which will become Moderna's Japanese subsidiary.According to the University of Tokyo, the basic agreement states that the University of Tokyo and Moderna will promote industry-academia collaboration by practicing world-leading research and education.

 Specific areas of collaboration include the application of drug delivery and stabilization technology for proteins expressed using messenger RNA technology, the expansion of pharmaceuticals using messenger RNA, and the recognition and resolution of issues based on the experience of the COVID-XNUMX crisis. He proposed strategies, improved the acceptability of vaccines, and created messenger RNA-based drug data.

 Teruo Fujii, President of the University of Tokyo, said, "In the future, we will continue discussions with Moderna on a wide range of themes, such as the challenges of pharmaceuticals using messenger RNA, AI (artificial intelligence), the application of robot technology, and the creation of opportunities for students and young researchers to engage in activities. I want this collaboration to have an impact on the world."

 "Moderna's messenger RNA technology is evolving and developing. We want to maximize the benefits that messenger RNA medicines can bring to the world through collaboration with the University of Tokyo," said Stephane Bansel, CEO of Moderna.

reference:[The University of Tokyo] Moderna and the University of Tokyo conclude a basic agreement for collaboration in the fields of research and education (PDF)

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