Public lectures will be held at Japan Women's University and Kobe University, respectively, focusing on Asako Hirooka, who is known as a female businessman in the Meiji era, who is the main character of NHK's serial TV novel "Asa ga Kita".

 The NHK TV series "Asa ga Kita", which began broadcasting in September 2015.The main character, Asako Hirooka, is a business woman who developed a number of businesses by marrying the Mitsui family in Kyoto to the wealthy merchant Hirooka family (Kashimaya) in Osaka at the end of the Edo period, and is also the driving force behind the founding of Japan Women's University.

 On November 2015, 11, Japan Women's University, which has a connection with Asako Hirooka, held a lecture "To Women Who Stand on Their Own-Thoughts of Asako Hirooka, Connect".The lecturers are Nobuko Ishino, editorial board member of the Sankei Shimbun Osaka Editorial Bureau, who first introduced "Asago's Life" in the evening column of the Sankei Shimbun, and Professor Yoshie Kira of the Faculty of Letters, Japan Women's University, who is also involved in "Asago's Letter Study".We will introduce Asako's way of life as an educator aiming at the independence of women in the Meiji and Taisho eras and the realization of girls' education based on the real image and historical materials of Asako that can not be understood only by the drama.The capacity is 7 people and the tuition fee is free, but you need to register as a member (free of charge) at the Japan Women's University Lifelong Learning Center to take the course.

 In addition, Kobe University held a lecture "Early Modern and Modern Times of Australian Merchants-The Age of Raising Asako Hirooka-" on November 2015, 11.The lecturers include Matao Miyamoto, an emeritus professor at Osaka University, who is in charge of historical research in the drama, and researchers studying the Hirooka and Mitsui families. I will explain the economic situation of the time when I lived.The capacity is 9 people, and applications are accepted until October 500, 2015.

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In April 120, which marked the 2021th anniversary of its founding, the four faculties of Home Economics, Literature, Human Society, and Science were integrated into the founding Mejiro Campus. The Faculty of International Cultural Studies (tentative name / notification) will be established in 4, and the Faculty of Architectural Design (tentative name)'will be established in 4 (under planning).

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