Showa Women's University will hold a lecture for junior high and high school students and university students on November 2018, 11, inviting a female airliner captain who is active in United Airlines, a major American airline.

 Showa Women's University is focusing on human resource development and career education that can play an active role globally.This time, as part of career education, we will hold a lecture for junior high and high school students and university students by inviting two female airliner captains from United Airlines in the United States and female leaders who oversee sales in the Pacific region such as Japan, Guam and Singapore. ..

 According to the International Women's Pilot Association, only about 100 female pilots out of about 15 pilots from 8,000 major airlines in the world.Among them, United Airlines has about 940 female pilots and about 300 female captains, both of which are the largest in the world.According to United Airlines, there is a global shortage of pilots, and we want more women to consider pilots as one of their vocational options.

 Two veteran captains with more than 30 years of career at United Airlines, Boeing 2 Captain Debra McCow and Boeing 777 Dreamliner Captain Dina Gorner will be speaking this time.In the lecture for junior and senior high school students, we will give a lecture on the work and way of life as a pilot, and in the lecture for university students, Alison Esprey, the president of the Pacific Regional Sales Office, will join us to discuss the global career with the students.

"Globally active female airliner pilots" -Global careers considered to be female captains and female leaders of US airlines-
Date: November 2018, 11 (Monday) 19: 15 ~ 00: 18
Contents: Lecture by a female captain [for junior and senior high school students, with verbatim interpretation]
   Female Captain / Leader Lecture [For college students, English only = interpreter available]
Venue: Showa Women's University (1-7-57 Taishido, Setagaya-ku)

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