In 2015, we will build and exhibit 2015 model houses that propose advanced technology and new ways of living under the theme of "students think about future homes" through collaboration between universities and private companies. It is held at Yokohama Minatomirai from October 10th to November 17st.


There are three concepts for this year's event: "energy," "life," and "Asia," and students are designing their homes based on this concept.
The most attractive point of the Enemane House is that students take the initiative, and with the support of private companies, an industry-academia collaboration team designs a model house from concept creation, and actually builds and exhibits it.During the exhibition period, you can actually see the inside of the model house, and you can experience the latest technology and new way of living, such as checking the energy consumption of each model house, indoor temperature and humidity.
Visitors can also vote for the “People's Choice Award” to choose their favorite home that they want to live in most.

Open to the public from October 10th to 17th and October 20th to November 10st, there is no participation fee and no prior reception is required.

Waseda University

Reform with the aim of "WASEDA shining in the world" with research, education, and contribution as the three pillars

Waseda University has created an unparalleled environment in which all students can hone their ability to take on unanswered issues based on the three founding principles of "independence of academics, utilization of academics, and creation of model people."Aiming to be a world-class university with unwavering international competitiveness, "WASEDA that shines in the world," "Waseda for research" and "[…] for education.

Kanto Gakuin University

Exchange of different values.A new concept student dormitory "International Residence" is born

Kanto Gakuin University is a comprehensive university with history and tradition that originated in Yokohama Baptist Theological School, which was founded in 1884 in Yamate, Yokohama.Currently, there are 11 courses in 14 faculties and 8 departments, such as the "other faculty attendance system" where you can study beyond the boundaries of the faculty, and the "minor major system" where you can systematically study subjects in other faculties [... ]

Ritsumeikan University
Yamaguchi University

Fostering global human resources by strengthening data science education and English education "from the region to the world"

Yamaguchi University is a comprehensive university consisting of 9 faculties and 8 graduate schools with more than 1 students. In 1815, the private school "Yamaguchi Auditorium", which was founded by the Choshu clan, Fengyang Ueda, was the source, and in 2015, it celebrated its 200th anniversary.Students, faculty, and staff work together, nurture together, and share joy together, this collaboration […]

Shibaura Institute of Technology

Fostering global science and engineering human resources who support Japan

Shibaura Institute of Technology will celebrate its 2027th anniversary in 100.With a system of 4 departments and 16 course in 1 faculties, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Systems Science and Engineering, Faculty of Design Engineering, and Faculty of Architecture, "Data Science Courses" will be introduced in all faculties from 2020, and there are so many research fields that they are called "Science and Engineering University". I am proud of.Each student […]

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