Kogakuin University has started the "Campus Attending Program" where you can exchange different cultures while staying on campus.

This program was designed based on the idea of ​​"Let's bring a foreign country to the Hachioji campus!" In response to the needs of students who "cannot study abroad but are interested in foreign countries".The aim is to actively accept foreign students from overseas partner schools and have them enjoy interacting with foreign students through assistance in their stay and various events.As a friend of a foreign student (campus attendant), students can develop their own language skills while supporting the overall life in Japan and deepening exchanges.The time spent with foreign students who do not speak Japanese, such as conversations in English that they are not familiar with and body language that Japanese people do not often use, greatly stimulates the international sense of students.

In addition, the university offers "hybrid study abroad", which is a study abroad program that does not require English proficiency or local tuition fees.Hybrid study abroad is not to let students study abroad after reaching a certain level of English proficiency, but first to gain experience of studying abroad and living abroad, and in that experience, come into contact with foreign customs and English. It is a program that helps students to acquire English and global thinking naturally.
By linking this campus attending program with this hybrid study abroad program, students who are going to study abroad in a hybrid study abroad program will come to Kogakuin University through the Japan Study Abroad Program. We also made it possible to interact with each other by saying, "I already have friends."

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Starting with the opening of Japan's first "Faculty of Architecture" in 2011, the "Faculty of Advanced Engineering" was established in 2015. With the birth of the "Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering *" in the Faculty of Engineering, we are constantly reforming in line with the times.In addition, Hachioji Camper […]

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