Professor Chiyomi Mizutani of the Faculty of Home Economics, Otsuma Women's University, in a joint research with ST Corporation, found that methyl salicylate, which smells like a compress, exists in the care space where urine and stool have been considered to be the main cause of odor. I found out that.From this discovery, it was found that the odor of the nursing space is composed of five odors: urine odor, fecal odor, sweat odor, aging odor and poultice odor.

 From July to August 2017, the survey was conducted by installing several collection media in the room where the care recipient stays for the longest time in 7 home care homes, and collecting and analyzing them one week later.

 According to it, the odor of home care space is composed of fatty acids of sweat odor, aldehydes of aging odor, phenols of urine odor, indole of stool odor, and methyl salicylate of compress odor. It became clear that it was done.Although it was low in strength to human senses, it had a poultice-like odor that seems to be derived from methyl salicylate.
Methyl salicylate acts on sensory nerves, relieves pain and itching, and improves blood flow, so it is added to poultices.

 It is estimated that the number of elderly people aged 65 and over will reach 2015%, which is one in four in 4, and that the number of people requiring nursing care and support will exceed 1 million by 26.6.When a family member living together cares, the burden of long-term care must be reduced, but odor is one of the problems in long-term care.

reference:[S.T. Corporation] Elucidation of "composite odor" peculiar to long-term care space through joint research with ST Corporation and Otsuma Women's University Discovered "poultice odor" as a new odor component

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