Professor Masato Saito of Saitama University has developed a device to control the collapse direction of the building in collaboration with the Railway Technical Research Institute.It is expected that it will be possible to plan a city where rubble does not block the main road, which will lead to the creation of a disaster-resistant city.

 Due to the recent heavy earthquakes and heavy rains, building a society that is resistant to natural disasters is becoming an extremely important issue.In the event of a disaster, delays in initial response can have serious consequences, so it is important to be able to respond quickly.For that purpose, it is essential to plan the initial response in advance, but if an unexpected situation occurs, things will not go as planned.For example, if a building collapses, depending on the direction, the emergency road for transporting goods may be blocked by rubble and many lives may be lost.In this research, in order to avoid such a situation, we have developed a device to control the collapse direction of the building.If a building collapses due to an earthquake, it will be possible to minimize the damage if the direction can be controlled.

 When it comes to earthquake countermeasures, it's easy to focus on how to design a building that won't collapse, but it's also very important to anticipate if it will collapse.Professor Saito aims to create a city that minimizes damage by planning the operation in the event of a disaster from the level of equipment such as buildings in advance.Going forward, we will continue to develop roads and signs necessary for urban design that is easy to respond to disasters such as earthquakes and floods.

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