Panasonic Corporation and Chiba Institute of Technology have developed a concept model of a next-generation robot vacuum cleaner that has evolved into a highly intelligent white goods equipped with cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technology, automatic control technology, and robot technology. Co-developed.

 This concept model recognizes objects on the floor with the world's first "AI floor sensor" evolved by deep learning, and automatically lifts the main body according to the step to continue running.Chiba Institute of Technology Future Robot Technology Research Center (fuRo) It is possible to recognize moving and static objects all around the robot by utilizing the original high-speed space recognition technology "ScanSLAM".It has the intelligence to detect the shape of the room and people moving in the room and instantly grasp the position of oneself and the other party.Using autopilot technology, the tablet terminal can remotely instruct the cleaning spot, and it is also possible to clean in cooperation with people.In addition, you can always accurately grasp the surrounding environment and your position, and you can surely return to the charging stand.In addition, space saving has been achieved by lifting the main unit vertically and docking it with the charging stand.

 In December 2017, Panasonic and Chiba Institute of Technology established the "Panasonic-Chiba Institute of Technology Industry-Academia Collaboration Center" on the university campus.With the high technological and development capabilities of both parties, we challenged the development of repeating trial production and improvement in a short period of time while integrating software and hardware, and this development was completed in an innovative period of about 12 months.

 The concept model was designed by world-famous product designer Shunji Yamanaka in collaboration with Panasonic designers.Promoting open innovation in both design and engineering is a feature of the development process.In the future, we will repeat further demonstration experiments and aim to commercialize it within one year.

reference:[Panasonic Corporation] Developed a concept model of a next-generation robot vacuum cleaner equipped with cutting-edge AI technology, automatic control technology, and robot technology.

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