Research teams at RIKEN and the University of Tokyo have discovered for the first time in the world a new method that can generate and eliminate minute magnetic vortices simply by pushing a substance.Such magnetic vortices are attracting attention as a new bearer of information, and we have made great strides toward the realization of ultra-power-saving magnetic storage devices.

 Magnetic vortices of several nanometers (1 nanometer = 0.000000001 meters) to several hundreds of nanometers in matter are called skyrmions, and are attracting attention as information carriers in next-generation magnetic storage devices.Once generated, it will continue to exist stably (memory retention), and in theory it is thought that it can be freely generated and erased (rewritten) at high speed.However, in order to develop such a new storage device, it is necessary to establish the technology to actually generate and control skyrmions.

 Until now, methods of using current, magnetism, and heat have been mainly studied for attempts to generate skyrmions, but the research group has attempted to generate and eliminate skyrmions by applying pressure.When we investigated the magnetic properties while changing the external force applied to the manganese and silicon alloy, we found that it is possible to easily generate and annihilate skyrmions by applying a small force of about 100 / 1 gram. I did.Skyrmions can be easily controlled by applying the already established scanning microscope technology.

 The ability to control skyrmions in a relatively simple way is a big step closer to the realization of next-generation storage devices.Also, from the perspective of clarifying the properties of substances in the future, it is expected that the ability to easily generate skyrmions will contribute to accelerating research.

Source:[RIKEN] Discovered a new method that can be generated and erased simply by pushing a magnetic vortex-Advance toward the realization of ultra-power-saving magnetic memory devices-

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