The Japan Science and Technology Agency holds new technology briefings all over the country to introduce research results produced by public research institutes such as universities to business people.The aim is to return the latest technologies, including unpublished patents, to society and promote industry-academia collaboration.At each venue, the Japan Science and Technology Agency supports industry-academia matching and supports product development and companies that utilize new technologies.

According to the Japan Science and Technology Agency, new technology briefings are held in four formats, such as being held independently by one research institution or jointly held by multiple research institutes by field, and are assumed by researchers at research institutes that have developed technology. Announced the contents of the patent, including the applications to be used, comparison with conventional technology, and issues of product development.We aim to match research institutes with business people by using the individual consultation corners set up at each venue as meeting places.
In addition, the Japan Science and Technology Agency regularly informs companies involved in past new technology briefings and innovation Japan of the schedule by e-mail, and publishes past presentation materials on its website so that companies can use new technologies. We are striving to create an environment that is easy to use.We also respond to requests from business people who wish to use new technologies by looking at our website.

The new technology briefing session in November is as follows (the venue name is not available at the 11st floor hall of the Tokyo Headquarters Annex of the Japan Science and Technology Agency in Ichigaya, Tokyo).

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